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Certified Installer & Distributor

Densicrete Sealer
DensiCrete is a silicate in water substance that is an alkali activated chemical penetrating masonry sealer. It reacts with free alkali in existing masonry, evacuates foreign materials, forms an internal permanent seal and water barrier strengthening the matrix while rustproofing the surface.
DensiCrete may be applied to any masonry surface in one or more coats, depending on porosity. DensiCrete may be brushed, rolled or sprayed. See application specs for detailed information.
DensiCrete can be applied to any cementitious surface, concrete, block stucco brick, terrazzo, etc. DensiCrete can be used above, below or on grade as a slab hardener, dust proofer and/or waterproofing agent. DensiCrete is also effective on limestone.
Manufacturer Guarantee
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DensiCrete is guaranteed to perform as represented when used as directed. In the event the purchaser is not satisfied, the manufacturer will furnish without charge sufficient quantity for another application.